Four Seas Ice Cream, Cape Cod, MA

While at the NEICRA 2016 fall convention in Newport, RI, this year, I had a chance to talk with my good friends Doug and Peggy Warren, owners of the Four Seas Ice Cream shop on the Cape.

Doug and his father Dick Warren

Doug and his father Dick Warren


Year in review Taylor Distributors of Indiana

George Dunlap and C. Nelson working with Taylor Freezers. George Dunlap with C. Nelson put on several ice cream novelty, how to make, seminars for the customers of Taylor Distributors. Several area suppliers, Instantwhip, Byrne & Associates, Flavor Burst, and others, worked with customers from all over Indiana, showing off their new products.

If you or your company needs Training Programs for your sales seminars or spring open houses, feel free to contact George Dunlap @ 614-378-8466.

Freddy Simon of Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

Customer Spot light.

We at C. Nelson are happy to be a supplier to Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers. | Wichita, Kansas News, Weather, Sports


C. Nelson provides specialty and customized freezers to the Freddy’s operations.  C. Nelson can design and support your world-wide business model.  Call today.  419-898-3305 X204

Episode #4, Interview with Bill Lodde @ Igloo Frozen Custard

Bill Lodde, with Igloo Frozen Custard, Lafayette, IN,  had a few minutes in-between show seminars, we are at the 2016 #NICRA Convention, to talk about his business and the NICRA 2016 Convention in Reno, NV.


  1. Ross/Stoelting Custard machines

2. Carpigiani 502 Batch Ice Cream Machine

3. Dipping cabinet by, C. Nelson Mfg. 12dip




Rod Cooper @ NEICRA 2016 70th annual convention

I had a great conversation with my friend, Ron Cooper,  of 5 years, as Executive Director of the New England Ice Cream and Restaurant Association.  Ron is retiring this year to the good life of a happy grandfather of a beautiful granddaughter.  20161024_232300165_ios

Sit back and enjoy what Ron has to say about how he and his lovely wife got into the ice cream business.  Ron also has some thoughts on what it takes to survive the business.





Moxie’s Ice Cream @ 70th NEICRA Convention

I had the pleasure to talk with Pamela Allie-Morrill, owner of Moxie’s Ice Cream, Wynantskill, NY, at the NEICRA 70th annual convention @ Newport, RI. Pamela is a very enthusiastic operator and has a lot to talk about regarding our industry,, her journey, and what works for her shop.  Enjoy our conversation. If you have any questions for Pamela you can send her an email  moxies_store_pic_2 moxies_store_pic


Moxie’s Ice Cream Facebook

Moxie’s is more than plain vanilla…article



Ample Hills rolls out gourmet Clinton, Trump ice cream flavors

Which flavor has the artificial coloring?

This is fun branding.  Check out Ample Hills website for details of this Scoop-the-vote roll out.

Source: Ample Hills rolls out gourmet Clinton, Trump ice cream flavors