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Mobile Ice Cream & Popsicle Carts for those long days without electric power

Ice Cream & Popsicle Push Cart choices with 8-12 hours no electric operation needed.

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Food Trucks Are Projected to be a $2.7 BILLION Industry in 2017.

By George Dunlap:

C. Nelson has served the Food Truck –  Mobile Ice Cream Truck industry for over 40 years.  We are ready to equip your chilled-and-or-frozen item needs today. See how C. Nelson is currently serving our customers’ mobile needs today.

C. Nelson Cold Plate cabinets also used in Fire Department Support Vehicles.

Houston, TX Fire Department Support Vehicle

Cold Plate, Cold Beverage Cabinet, Houston, TX Fire Department Support Vehicle

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Takin’ It to the Streets, Graeter’s Ice Cream Truck Tour – Eric’s from Ice Cream Push Cart to Ice Cream Truck

Going mobile expands your brand into new markets and growth sales.  C. Nelson has the equipment to keep your ice creams, custards, yogurts, and water ices cold for that great taste experience.

Just like the folks at Graeter’s,      Eric’s out of Defiance, Oh with 5 shops in northwest Ohio takes his truck,

Eric’s Setting up for a Football Game @ BGSU.

Inside Eric’s Ice Cream Scoop Truck

………………. designed by C. Nelson Mfg., Co., to the streets to grow his brand awareness and expand his yearly sales.  Small or large, takin’ it to the streets is in your budget. Mobile truck or cart C. Nelson can satisfy our marketing budget today.

Eric started with a very budget minded mobile C. Nelson BDC8 push cart and built his sales to the point he needed a larger vehicle.  The Ice Cream Scoop Truck as, Eric calls it, was built to promote his handcrafted ice cream.

Like Graeter’s, Eric uses his mobile ice cream scooper truck to promote his brand by selling great tasting hand crafted ice cream and offering customer appreciation programs for local businesses in northwest Ohio.

C. Nelson sells cabinets that will hold your handcrafted ice creams for the better part of a day with-out power.  Cold Plate technology allows the operator to travel to all types of events; county fairs, camp grounds, ball parks, grocery store promotions and more.

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Plant: 419-898-3305 X204 or  Direct/Cell: 614-378-8466

Ice Cream Mobile Carts as Kiosks in Mall Locations

When you are considering an ice cream cart by C. Nelson you first want to contact your local health department and find out what is needed in your local market.

Then we sit down and design a cart for your needs.

Then you will have an ice cream cart that is perfect for a kiosk.




The Sweet Taste of Success Running an Ice Cream Parlor


Victoria, owner of, #Ice Cream Jubilee, is another fine customer of C. Nelson Mfg., listen to why she got into the ice cream business.  This is a great story check out her Website and Facebook page.  Her Handcrafted ice creams are supported by a great team and well thought out social media campaign.

Follow Victoria and Ice Cream jubilee @icecreamjubilee today and enjoy!

Smart TV Graphics C. Nelson Ice Cream Carts

Smart TV Graphics, Menu Board, introduced by C. Nelson Mfg., Co high advisability awareness in malls and high customer traffic locations.

Smart TV’s allow your operator to serve the customer while the Smart TV presents your mouth watering treats. Sell to the customer’s eyes and increase your Gross Sales $$.



Contact C. Nelson Mfg., CO today for a no-charge review of your off-site mobile catering sales.  Hear how our customers are selling more treats with their new graphics.

How to Get Your Hands on Free Ice Cream at Dairy Queen

C Nelson is a proud supplier to many of the shops in the USA.




Humphry Slocombe on Instagram: Taking it to the streets by C. Nelson

#MobileIceCreamCart by #CNelsonMfg for a great client Humphry Slocombe in SF, CA.

#HumphrySlocombe understands the value of #takingtheirBrandtotheStreets. Do you?

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Dothan Ice Cream Company uses a mobile cart

For your mobile cart needs check out for their full line of all day “stay frozen” #mobilecarts.  You can sell pops, ice cream treats, and Italian ice.  Mobile sales is a fast growing business in today’s fast paced life style.  The folks at Dothan Ice Cream are “taking it to the streets” !

@dothanicecream #dothanicecream and checkout Brett Smith, owner of Dothan Ice Cream, at his company FB page.

Catering | Capannari Ice Cream & Catering


C Nelson BDC8 Ice Cream Catering Cart

Catering | Capannari Ice Cream & Catering

C Nelson BDC8 Ice Cream Catering Cart, push-cart

C Nelson BDC8 Ice Cream Catering Cart, push-cart

Let C. Nelson help you with your #IceCreamCatering needs today.

Bring the excitement of Capannari Ice Cream to your home or business. Just Order, Open & Eat… It’s fast. It’s easy. It’s Delicious!

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