Ice Cream Mobile Carts as Kiosks in Mall Locations

When you are considering an ice cream cart by C. Nelson you first want to contact your local health department and find out what is needed in your local market.

Then we sit down and design a cart for your needs.

Then you will have an ice cream cart that is perfect for a kiosk.




Burbank, CA ice cream shop loves their C. Nelson 12dip-hv gelato/curved glass ice cream dipping cabinets

Baskin Robbins Burbank CA (3) 12DIPHV dipping cabinets

One of the top retail scoop shops, in the USA, decided to switch to C. Nelson 12diphv curved glass dipping cabinets.

When the owner remodeled he ordered (3) 12dip-hv cabinets with display shelves; the owner wanted to offer his customers easy access to spoons and napkins on top of each of the  3 cabinets.

With made in America quality and Midwestern-Family pride you can count on C. Nelson Manufacturing Company, Oak Harbor, OH, USA.

Charlie & Tango, Ice Cream & Smoothies, A New C. Nelson dipping cabinet user, sold by Advanced Equipment

May I introduce a new C. Nelson ice cream dipping cabinet customer, sold and installed by Advanced Equipment of Cuyahoga Falls, OH.




Equipment Line Up with 2 C. Nelson 16DIP ice cream dipping cabinets

Robert Phem & Crew

C Nelson exclusive features: Stainless Steel Interior, Stainless Steel Frost Shields, LED lighting






Swirl Freeze Model B and D Freezer and Blending Machine Combo, Freezer by C. Nelson Mfg., CO.

Swirl Freeze Model B and D Freezer and Blending Machine Combo, made by C. Nelson Mfg., Co.

Swirl Freeze Model B and D Freezer and Blending Machine Combo



This is a great specialty machine for making all sorts of blended treats.  C. Nelson is a proud partner to the Swirl Freeze Corporation. C. Nelson is your specialty freezer design partner call today and see how we can support your specialty needs.


A conversation with Jake Klein, Lead Project Manager, Taylor Freezer of Michigan. I caught up with Jake at the 2017 GLICFFA Convention in Lansing, MI on February 4th I was working the Taylor Freezer of MI booth helping with their customers and sales reps. He talks about his roll at the ice cream & food specialty sales company in Michigan. Jake handles the social media, web design, and related internet and marketing areas at the distributorship.  He talks about how he is updating the sales reps awareness a of social media tools and how they can continue to grow their sales as well as serve existing customers.  Jake tells me how he brings together the internet marketing support programs from Taylor Company and ties it in with his companies sales and service needs. He is working hard to blend the best of the past with the tools of the future.  Enjoy and I trust you will find it of value.


Review – 2017 Great Lakes Ice Cream & Fast Food Association (GLICFFA) 50th Annual Trade Show


 Review of the 50th Anniversary of the GLICFFA trade show in Lansing, MI February 3-4, 2017,


Just a few of the vendors from the 2017 GLICFFA Trade show.

Taylor Freezer of MI

Ashby’s Sterling

United Dairy Farmers

Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream

Hillson Nuts

CTL Foods

Hudsonville Ice Cream

Green Mountain Flavors

Guernsey Farm Dairy

Joy Cones

Lipari Foods

No Water Bath

Palazzolo’s Artisan Dairy

Great Lakes Ice Cream & Fast Food Association