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Mobile Ice Cream & Popsicle Carts for those long days without electric power

Ice Cream & Popsicle Push Cart choices with 8-12 hours no electric operation needed.

Call today and see how we can help you with off-the-grid mobile sales.


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Food Trucks Are Projected to be a $2.7 BILLION Industry in 2017.

By George Dunlap:

C. Nelson has served the Food Truck –  Mobile Ice Cream Truck industry for over 40 years.  We are ready to equip your chilled-and-or-frozen item needs today. See how C. Nelson is currently serving our customers’ mobile needs today.

C. Nelson Cold Plate cabinets also used in Fire Department Support Vehicles.

Houston, TX Fire Department Support Vehicle

Cold Plate, Cold Beverage Cabinet, Houston, TX Fire Department Support Vehicle

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Ice Cream Mobile Carts as Kiosks in Mall Locations

When you are considering an ice cream cart by C. Nelson you first want to contact your local health department and find out what is needed in your local market.

Then we sit down and design a cart for your needs.

Then you will have an ice cream cart that is perfect for a kiosk.





A conversation with Jake Klein, Lead Project Manager, Taylor Freezer of Michigan. I caught up with Jake at the 2017 GLICFFA Convention in Lansing, MI on February 4th I was working the Taylor Freezer of MI booth helping with their customers and sales reps. He talks about his roll at the ice cream & food specialty sales company in Michigan. Jake handles the social media, web design, and related internet and marketing areas at the distributorship.  He talks about how he is updating the sales reps awareness a of social media tools and how they can continue to grow their sales as well as serve existing customers.  Jake tells me how he brings together the internet marketing support programs from Taylor Company and ties it in with his companies sales and service needs. He is working hard to blend the best of the past with the tools of the future.  Enjoy and I trust you will find it of value.


Sisters Sweet Shoppe – Ice Cream, Cookies, & Candy – New Store Design – Episode 8

I first meet with Kurt Dehner, owner of Sisters Sweet Shoppe , Dublin, Ohio, USA, on April 15, 2015. I was introduced by my good friend Matt Wilicoxin with Johnson’s Real Ice Cream, Columbus, OH. I had the pleasure to work with Kurt on the design & layout of his new shoppe. See below how Kurt and the team went from a rough design to a finished beautiful store layout.

Step 1, New Store Design – Rough Draft Store Design Concept

Sweet Sisters New Store Draft Drawing

Step  2, Once Kurt agreed on the rough concept we moved to the next rough design.

Rough Design Option #1

Rough Design Option #1

Step 3,  Option #2 (below) was chosen and it was sent to the building engineer for detailed drawings for local community code approvals. Electrical, water, sewer, lighting, and construction needs were detailed at this point.  At this point I  become the building consultant for my customer.

Rough Design Option #2

Rough Design Option #2

Pictures of store layout & equipment




C Nelson, Model 16diphv, Gelato/Low Glass Style dipping cabinet, 16 flavors to dip cones and more from.

C Nelson, Model 16diphv, Gelato/Low Glass Style dipping cabinet, 16 flavors to dip cones and more from.

C Nelson, Model BD8JR, Flavor Rail Freezer, Milk Shake Prep Freezer Cabinet

C Nelson, Model BD8JR, Flavor Rail Freezer, Milk Shake Prep Freezer Cabinet

Vitamix Heavy Duty shake blenders, The Quiet One

Vitamix Heavy Duty shake blenders, The Quiet One


Take a few minutes and listen to Kurt tell his story of buying an existing business, designing a new shop, moving into the new shop, and how he competes with some pretty big competitors in his neighborhood.

Episode 7, NoWaterBath – conversation with Billy Marchal, NEICRA 2016, about his HOT New Product

This past November, at the fall NEICRA 2016 convention in Newport, Rhode Island, I had the pleasure to meet Billy Marchal, owner of the Bluffton Dairy Freeze in Bluffton, Ohio, and owner of the new and exciting company NOWATERBATH.com.


Billy and I had a few minutes, before the trade show started, to talk.  Billy was setting up his booth displaying the NOWATERBATH thermal pads and I was setting up my ice cream cart from C. Nelson, Billy showed me his water saving and time saving, no mess – no rusty containers to clean, thermal heat pads.

Billy Marchal, owns and operates his own shop, Bluffton Dairy Freeze, he specks from experience.


Billy Marchal’s Bluffton Dairy Freeze

Take a few minutes and listen to our conversation about this great product. Check out his website for a list of satisfied customers.  Billy told me to call any or all of them for references.


I trust you enjoyed listening to Billy as much as i enjoyed learning about this really great new product. If I can help you, please, call me anytime.  George Dunlap 614-378-8466




Episode #6, Listeria and Johnson’s Real Ice Cream, how to keep your dairy plant clean by Matt Wilcoxon

This is a great conversation with industry leader Matt Wilcoxon of Johnson’s Real Ice Cream. 


I have had the pleasure to work with Matt and his family since i moved to Columbus, Ohio in 1982.  (My audio starts a little rough, but kicks in after a few seconds.)

Matt Wilcoxon, 4th generation ice cream maker, from Columbus, OH, USA, talks about his families ice cream plant and how his dairy stays clean and how you can do the same; no matter how small your ice cream business is.

 Listeria is nothing new, says Matt, just how we treat it.  Sit back and listen to how Matt and his dairy maintains a Listeria-free dairy plant and his thoughts on how the industry is working together to keep ice cream a healthy treat.2016-12-09_0725





The Wilcoxon family has been a great customer of C. Nelson mobile and in-store cabinets for many years.  C. Nelson Mfg., Co, is a proud partner in the listeria clean program at Johnson’s diary and retail shop.

George Dunlap @ 614-378-8466