Homemade Salted Caramel Ice Cream – Bi-Rite Creamery

Looking to set your self apart from the competition? Even soft-serve shops can do this, yes mix into your quality ice cream mix and run through your soft-serve machine. Bi-Rite stands apart from the rest.

Homemade Salted Caramel by Bi-Rite Creamery of San Francisco, CA

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C. Nelson vs. Excellence Dipping Cabinets which is best? It Depends. Episode 21


C. Nelson Mfg., Co builds one of the best cabinets in the world. I have had the pleasure to work with the Smith family, owners of C. Nelson, for over 40 Years. I have designed, installed, serviced, and scooped from these awesome cabinets. They are built to last.

Excellence Industries is a world class importer of value priced cabinets. I have had the opportunity to work with Excellence for over 15 years and have found the Excellence dipping cabinet to be a satisfactory alternative when availability is key. The Excellence is not the same cabinet as the ones built in the USA, but, it is a cabinet that will allow you to start scooping ice cream today, and under today’s economic craziness that works for many.

Soft Serve or Hard Scooped Ice Cream, which do I sell – the trend is to offer both, 2 unique and different markets that you can satisfy.

There was a time that if you wanted a Scooped Ice Cream cone you went to the local hand dipped ice cream shop, if you wanted soft serve you went to the local Dairy Bar. Today selling both Hard and Soft Ice Cream at the same shop continues to grow. Why? Because it is the answer to serving your customer’s wants. Can a shop survive selling only 1 style Ice Cream, Yes. But the growing trend is to blend both into the shop menu.

Charlotte’s Soft Serve Ice Cream shop, is a example of this move to selling both. Why? Because her customers wanted both. How hard is it to add 8 or more flavors of scooped ice cream? It is easy, contact your local Ice Cream Supplier – Dairy. In Charlotte’s case she added Perry’s Ice Cream. This becomes a profitable partnership between you the shop owner and your ice cream supplier.

Hard Ice Cream options for Charlotte’s Soft Serve Ice Cream by Perry’s Ice Cream

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Happy New Year 2022 – Soft Serve Ice Cream or Hard Ice Cream, Episode 20

Welcome to 2022 the season has started and we are embracing a new season; increased costs and exciting time to be selling both Hard Ice Cream and Soft Ice Cream, today’s conversation is do i sell both?

Enjoy these below articles on the differences of Soft Serve and Hard Ice Cream.

The Real Difference Between Soft Serve Ice Cream And Regular Ice Cream


A Look at the Differences Between Soft Serve and Hard Ice Cream

Soft Serve Vs. Hard Serve Ice Cream, CBS Pittsburgh

Soft Serve, our shops do this everyday! on a Sugar Cone.

Soft serve inspires Blue Bunny’s new Twist Cones, as published in Dairy Processing Magazine, by Benton Smith, 04/04/2022.

Soft serve inspires Blue Bunny’s new Twist Cones

My customers do this everyday in their Soft Ice Cream shops: making Home-Made treats. We welcome Blue Bunny to this market segment. George Dunlap, 4/7/2022

Blue Bunny Twist Cones soft serve Chocolate Vanilla Strawberry Cheesecake Chocolate Peanut Butter
Photo: Blue Bunny

04.04.2022 By Benton Smith

CHICAGO – While concocting its newest frozen desserts, Blue Bunny aimed to bring the soft serve ice cream experience to customers’ freezers.

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Golly G’s: Coffee, Ice Cream, Sweets, the story, by my good friend Joey Boykin

Joey tells the story of his dream and his love of family and community.

I first meet Joey during the spring of 2017, I have had the pleasure to serve Joey and his family as they developed an awesome family branded ice cream retail experience. Golly G’s is an American success story, I have found Joey Boykin’s story to be very helpful in my life and my business activities.

Joey has several shops and a very successful Ice Cream Truck program.

Supply Chain – Why the Global Supply Chains May Never Be the Same….. WSJ

Back sometime… the first week, COVID hit our world, of March of 2020, I was working with Perry’s Ice Cream and the folks at Progressive (Cleveland, OH) Field. We were preparing for the start of the 2020 Baseball Season, and then the world shut-down.

The last thing Jenna Stierhoff, with Delaware Northwsj (Stadium Foodservice operator) said to me as we all started walking out; see you in 2 weeks.

Yes we all thought our world would go back to Normal soon. Nothing was further from the Truth. We may Never go back to those days. According to a new WSJ documentary…it may never return.

Our Supply Chain….has it changed forever………..

This documentary is worth the price and is an education in how we as small business owners must adapt to the our new environment. This week I celebrate my 67th birthday and I can tell you……the world is always changing. I embrace the change and look to serve my customers with the services they require.

Serving the Retail Ice Cream Industry – Since 1973

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George Dunlap, March 23, 2023

Treehouse Treats and Treasures

…another specialty delivery by George Dunlap

Treehouse Treats and Treasures, Logan, OH, another satisfied customer of Perry’s Ice Cream, received their C. Nelson 16dip ice cream cabinet for their 2022 season. Since COVID the ability of my clients (Perry’s for example) having equipment delivered to their retail customers, has been severely impaired, George Dunlap offers prompt and UN-damaged deliveries.

Specialty deliver of ice cream equipment by WWW.GEORGEDUNLAP.COM is supported by over 45 years serving the Retail Ice Cream shop market. Delivery by someone who fully understands the importance of setting up equipment for scooping ice cream. George Dunlap knows ice cream equipment.

Specialty Logistics by GEORGE DUNLAP
Valerie, owner of Treehouse Treats & Treasures, another happy customer. Specialty Graphics by George Dunlap, call today.