Design and Building your Dream Ice Cream Shop – Step #1 the Hand Draw – the hardest part of the Dream….laying it all out!

From this………..
Once you have a location…….and it looks good. Now comes step #1 the Hand Draw Layout before you give it to your designer. With over 40 years scooping and serving all sorts of Ice Cream treats, I have the eye to help you save time and money! $$ Contact me today for a free analysis of your needs.

Once you have your equipment and work flow laid out it is time to go to the designer. The Design firm, Mindful Design Consulting, will take my layout and develop your total store package; from construction drawings to the color on your cups to developing your social media branding, they can add the COLOR and JAZZ that keeps your customers coming back.

Picture by: Mindful Design Consulting.

Mindful Design, Check out this exciting link, takes the raw….and adds “all that Jazz“!

#CONECON2021 NICRA 2021 Convention this November. Let’s Celebrate!

My wife, Nancy, and I are looking forward to a Celebration this November in Orlando, Fl at the 2021 NICRA Convention #CONECON2021. If you are new to the Ice Cream Retail industry please consider becoming a part of this large family of Ice Cream Retail Operators and Owners. A great organization; to share and learn new ideas about our wonder Industry.


Several weeks ago I, George Dunlap, had the pleasure to be interviewed by Katia Kohlwes of Mindful Design Consulting. We talked about helping entrepreneurs in the ice cream retail business. Her company, Mindful Design, offers a unique vision and connection between modern Store Branding & Retail Store Layout. Checkout the interview here.


George Dunlap, Jan 1, 2021. May I introduce to you the finest ice cream graphics for your mobile and in-store C.Nelson Ice Cream cabinets.

Call today to get started on your custom designed ice cream scooping cart. Graphic design is a pleasure. George Dunlap @ 614-378-8466 or

Whipty-Do!, Joe & Kristen Fields, their story – Episode 17

Kristen & Joe Fields, Whipty-Do!, tell their story and then COVID HIT.

The “Famous” Blue Cone!

I have had the pleasure to work with Kristen & Joe Fields for many years. I have enjoyed watching them grow their business; with great ice cream treats, hard work, and a well planned Social Media program. Their use of Facebook and Instagram has paid off well. Listen to their story about operating a family business, the challenges of raising a family, and how they adapted to the… COVID PANDEMIC.