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Galloway Company – Classic Mix Partners with Hank Sweeney, talk all things Ice Cream Mix: Episode 25

Galloway Company/Classic Mix – Neenah, WI

I had the pleasure of meeting Hank Sweeney, National Account Manager with Classic Mix Partners of Galloway Company at a North American Ice Cream Association convention many years ago.  Hank started out with Ross Frozen Custard Machine Company of WI, which is now part of the StoeltingVollrath conglomerate based out of Sheboygan, WI.

Hank and I talk about the ice cream mix business as it related to the retail and industrial ice cream industry, both scoop and soft served ice creams.  Hank tells how he journeyed from making custard machines to today developing Bourbon ice cream/cream treats.

Hank has some great insight on the ice cream mix industry and its development over his past 24 years with Classic Mix Partners – Galloway Company. 

Sit back and enjoy my good friend Hank Sweeney and I talk Retail Ice Cream and our future. Listen as we talk about ice cream mixes, pricing, and how quality still leads the way to growth.

Hank Sweeney with Classic Mix Partners can be contacted at, 920-886-2348

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Joey making ice cream and dispensing it into his Rapamar disposable containers

Late 2016, while I was with C. Nelson Mfg., Co., I had the pleasure of meeting Joey Boykin and family at the NICRA 2016 show; Joey told me his story how he was gearing up to building his first Homemade Ice Cream shop in 2017. Since then Joey has built 3 ice cream shops, built a complete ice cream truck serving ice cream shakes, cones, coffee and sweet goods. Last year, November 2022, Joey and his team bought the Rapamar Container Company and moved it to Tennessee.

Listen to Joey’s awesome story and how he is looking to stay excited about his great tasting Golly G’s Homemade Ice Creams, serving special events with his ice cream truck, and supplying other ice cream homemade shops with his easy to use disposable ice cream scoop containers.

This is were you hear how dreams are made. Joey has a great story to tell; please enjoy.

EPISODE 23 – Brent Murray, Dairy Haus, Rockton, IL, a conversation about our industry, COVID, social media, and going forward.

George Dunlap, I had the pleasure of getting to know Brent Murray around April of 2016; by that time he had already figured out how he was going to serve his customers with the best quality homemade ice creams available, supported by an awesome team of excited employees,

I had the pleasure to catch up with Brent this week and hear what he is up to for 2023. If you are a newbie or an old war-horse like me, I know you will find our conversation about our industry, covid, and his vision going forward exciting.

Brent Murray uses a Taylor ice cream machine for blizzard type treats, and an Emery Thompson Batch Ice Cream 24 quart machine for his Homemade Hand Scooped Ice Cream.

Brent is very excited about 2023 listen and enjoy!

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Episode 22, Cold Plate Carts – How they Work

Ice Cream Scoop Mobile Cold Plate Truck – Designed by George Dunlap and the team at C. Nelson Mfg.

Cold plate carts are a must if you plan on going to outdoor events without electric power. Cold Plate carts by C. Nelson will last a long time once they are frozen. This Podcast explains how they work. Take a few minutes and listen. I am always at your service, call me anytime. George Dunlap

C. Nelson vs. Excellence Dipping Cabinets which is best? It Depends. Episode 21


C. Nelson Mfg., Co builds one of the best cabinets in the world. I have had the pleasure to work with the Smith family, owners of C. Nelson, for over 40 Years. I have designed, installed, serviced, and scooped from these awesome cabinets. They are built to last.

Excellence Industries is a world class importer of value priced cabinets. I have had the opportunity to work with Excellence for over 15 years and have found the Excellence dipping cabinet to be a satisfactory alternative when availability is key. The Excellence is not the same cabinet as the ones built in the USA, but, it is a cabinet that will allow you to start scooping ice cream today, and under today’s economic craziness that works for many.

Happy New Year 2022 – Soft Serve Ice Cream or Hard Ice Cream, Episode 20

Welcome to 2022 the season has started and we are embracing a new season; increased costs and exciting time to be selling both Hard Ice Cream and Soft Ice Cream, today’s conversation is do i sell both?

Enjoy these below articles on the differences of Soft Serve and Hard Ice Cream.

The Real Difference Between Soft Serve Ice Cream And Regular Ice Cream


A Look at the Differences Between Soft Serve and Hard Ice Cream

Soft Serve Vs. Hard Serve Ice Cream, CBS Pittsburgh

Whipty-Do!, Joe & Kristen Fields, their story – Episode 17

Kristen & Joe Fields, Whipty-Do!, tell their story and then COVID HIT.

The “Famous” Blue Cone!

I have had the pleasure to work with Kristen & Joe Fields for many years. I have enjoyed watching them grow their business; with great ice cream treats, hard work, and a well planned Social Media program. Their use of Facebook and Instagram has paid off well. Listen to their story about operating a family business, the challenges of raising a family, and how they adapted to the… COVID PANDEMIC.

Bliss Small Batch Creamery, Theresa Fouquette – Episode 16

Today I had the pleasure to talk with Theresa Fouquette, co-owner, of Bliss Small Batch Creamery. Theresa talks about her vision on building her first store, adapting to the COVID 2020, and her dreams for future growth with mobile carts, trucks, and retail shops.

COVID 2020 How Bliss Creamery adapted to a Pandemic

(3) C. Nelson Mfg., CO. 12diphv curved glass cabinets in BLACK

Outside counter retail service – COVID the new normal in retail sales