Geek to the max! Just finished my first wp (wordpress) wordcamp at “The Ohio State University”


I have had a website for the past 10 years but because of the level of difficulty in making changes, I never updated it, now since I have had the pleasure to meet the folks at the Columbus, OH WP group I am once again engaged with my website! If you are not engaged you will be left behind.  Websites and blogging are fun and informative for your customers, goodbye yellow pages, hello world!

Thank-you Columbus, Ohio WP group

To all my friends you should have a WordPress website/blog it is all about promoting your brand and or your business. Its fun and it works$$. If you are an ice cream shop, a wholesale distributor, or a national chain, an electric charged blog is where the action is today. I am so excited I cannot wait till tomorrow. 

 Thanks to everyone at the Columbus, OH WP group. A special thanks to Jonathon Davis, Angie Meeker, and Dave Donaldson they are the ones who helped me and got me excited at the June meeting.  Thank-you my dear friends.

Another special thanks to Sayed Bahlki he got the whole place energized he was electric! Check out his site.

Thank-you Sayed Bahlki you got me really jazzed!

To Dustin Hartzler you were great with your in site and knowledge on how to design a WordPress site.  Your knowledge and experience was greatly appreciated.  I look forward to working with you down the road.  I would recommend you to any of my over 2000 ice cream shop accounts across the USA.

Dustin Hartzler great talk about “Essentials for a Great Site”!


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