Do you and or your accounts want to earn more Profits, by increasing your Sales?

C. Nelson hits another Home Run with Dayton, Ohio Smoothie King franchise operator Eric & Lynne Ferguson, they operate a store in the Dayton market and they wanted to take their product to the streets to grow sales, and market awareness.  Eric said he wants everyone to taste his great tasting smoothies and he needed a push cart and preparation cart to make that happen.  Eric loves the energy efficient and light weight Sabrina/New-Gen carts.  Easy to move around when full of ready to sell Smoothies!

The Smoothie prep-cart was delivered just before the Dayton Dragons hit the field.  Eric will finish the cart with another mouth watering logo by his local graphics company.

We wish Eric and his wife Lynne a Home Run season with his great smoothies.  Eric knows the value of “taking his business to the streets“! Do you?

C. Nelson Mfg., Company can help you take your brand or product to the streets, please contact me anytime.

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