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Galloway Company – Classic Mix Partners with Hank Sweeney, talk all things Ice Cream Mix: Episode 25

Galloway Company/Classic Mix – Neenah, WI

I had the pleasure of meeting Hank Sweeney, National Account Manager with Classic Mix Partners of Galloway Company at a North American Ice Cream Association convention many years ago.  Hank started out with Ross Frozen Custard Machine Company of WI, which is now part of the StoeltingVollrath conglomerate based out of Sheboygan, WI.

Hank and I talk about the ice cream mix business as it related to the retail and industrial ice cream industry, both scoop and soft served ice creams.  Hank tells how he journeyed from making custard machines to today developing Bourbon ice cream/cream treats.

Hank has some great insight on the ice cream mix industry and its development over his past 24 years with Classic Mix Partners – Galloway Company. 

Sit back and enjoy my good friend Hank Sweeney and I talk Retail Ice Cream and our future. Listen as we talk about ice cream mixes, pricing, and how quality still leads the way to growth.

Hank Sweeney with Classic Mix Partners can be contacted at, 920-886-2348

Music BY: The Punisher by Lynne Music, www.NEOsounds.com