EPISODE 23 – Brent Murray, Dairy Haus, Rockton, IL, a conversation about our industry, COVID, social media, and going forward.

George Dunlap, I had the pleasure of getting to know Brent Murray around April of 2016; by that time he had already figured out how he was going to serve his customers with the best quality homemade ice creams available, supported by an awesome team of excited employees,

I had the pleasure to catch up with Brent this week and hear what he is up to for 2023. If you are a newbie or an old war-horse like me, I know you will find our conversation about our industry, covid, and his vision going forward exciting.

Brent Murray uses a Taylor ice cream machine for blizzard type treats, and an Emery Thompson Batch Ice Cream 24 quart machine for his Homemade Hand Scooped Ice Cream.

Brent is very excited about 2023 listen and enjoy!

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