The “ultimate mobile” Ice Cream Dipping & Sundae Cart

Friendly’s is taking “it” to the streets! This portable “Ice Cream Shoppe” cart was designed by the team at C. Nelson to satisfy the marketing needs of an old favorite New England ice cream company.

Server Products 2/3rd size jars & pumps allows the cart operator an expanded variety of toppings in a compact work space.

This cart offers a variety of topping choices; hot or cold, dry or wet, or just a great tasting scoop of your choice of ice creams.  The sneeze guard separates the customers from the prep area, with hot and cold running water it is easy for the cart operator to wash their hands and keep the cart clean all day.  With the use of the i.scoopshower the customer only uses water to clean scoops when needed and this saves water storage capacity at remote locations.

Once again C. Nelson has gone to Server Products for their 2/3rdline of jars, ladles, and pumps, this choice offers any operator an expanded number of toppings to make shakes, smoothies, or sundaes, in a very compact work space.

Operator’s side of cart with toppings, freezer, hot topping warmer and hot & cold water sink with scoop washer.

This project represents the types of solutions that C. Nelson has to offer to their customers around the world.  This cart fits many of the customer needs for mobile seasonal or long term retail sales, with 3 sets of large easy to roll casters, this cart is easy to move-in and move-out of those short term retail-sales (malls, resorts, or those big box stores) locations. This cart can be used at new ice cream product roll outs at grocery stores serving up samples.  Other uses for this type of cart are school sporting events, church festivals, state and country fairs, hospital or college snack shops, airport snack shops, corporate promotional events, or customer appreciation days.  The C. Nelson carts are used to promote your brand anywhere ice cream lovers gather.

Today’s operators realize the need to “take their business to the streets”; C. Nelson offers a variety of sizes to choose from. C. Nelson starts with the basic CLT4NR line of carts and expands all the way up to the custom designed line of carts.  C. Nelson carts can be designed around your brand or your product, so get started today.





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