Airstream trailer or Ice Cream, which is a more American Icon? How about an Airstream Ice Cream trailer?

Just imagine a line of excited customers in front of your original Airstream Ice Cream trailer. The trailer is an eye-catcher; with your product the Airstream will enhance the customer’s experience. Nice way to promote a store growth campaign or new product release.

Airstream Ice Cream Trailer? WOW what a marketers dream! If you are interested contact me today.

This will be a fall project for one of our Ice Cream clients.

C. Nelson Mfg., Co will finish off the inside of the Airstream to their needs. The trailer will be designed to operate with or without power using the C. Nelson exclusive ice cream cold-plate technology.  The operator can dip ice cream at Fairs, School functions, Church festivals, Grocery stores, Ball Park events and not have to worry if electricity is available.   The Airstream will catch their eye and your product will bring them back time and again.  What a way to create marketing buzz about your product or your brand.


Contact me today for details.


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