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1973 my parents opened their ice cream store called Peppermint Patti's in Defiance, OH. We served soft ice cream/custard and hand scooped ice cream. During my years at Bowling Green State University (1973-1977) I worked in the store and traveled NW Ohio selling frozen ice cream novelties to grocery stores. After I graduated from BGSU in 1977, I traveled the Midwest USA selling Ice Cream machines, designing and bulding ice cream stores.


This past summer has been our busiest summer with installs for new and existing retail ice cream shops. If you are in need of our services contact George Dunlap 24 X7 @ 614-378-8466.

California soon to control; Fast-Food Hourly $ minimum wage and other benefits.

George Dunlap, 9/4/2022. Are you involved in your State Organization? This is coming East my friends, may I suggest you join your state and local organizations today and prepare for “them” controlling your business. Leaving your head in the sand is not the solution, prepare today, Government is looking to be your controlling partner.

California’s Fast-Food Bill Whopper

Sacramento finds a new way to put small business out of business.

By The Editorial BoardUpdated Sept. 2, 2022 6:49 pm ET

California is a leading exporter of progressive policy and businesses. So it’s worth paying attention to a bill heading to the Governor’s desk that would let the government fix fast-food worker wages and micromanage restaurants. Sayonara, McDonald’s dollar menu.

The bill passed by the Democratic Legislature this week creates a 10-member council appointed by the Governor and state legislative leaders with nearly carte blanche authority to fix wages, benefits and working conditions at most fast-food restaurants. This is a recipe for higher restaurant prices and lower business and job growth.Opinion: Potomac Watch

The state’s $15 an hour minimum wage is already among the highest in the U.S., but the council could raise it as high as $22 next year and an additional 3.5% every year after that. It could also require that employers provide paid vacation or “protest days” off as some tech companies do. A bill establishing a 32-hour work week stalled in the Legislature this year, but the council could impose one for fast-food workers. Its orders would take effect without even a rubber stamp by the Legislature. Democrats have delegated sweeping powers to avoid political accountability.

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Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl & Joe Baker, Making great Ohio Ice Cream.

Joe Baker and I meet early 1980’s at an Ohio Restaurant Show in Columbus, Oh. Ever since then Joe Baker told me he would someday own Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl. My good friend is the proud owner and legacy of Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl & Hemmer Ice Cream of Zanesville, OH. Below is Joe Baker’s awesome story from Spectrum News.

Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl celebrates state honor, tradition

By Dennis Biviano Zanesville UPDATED 2:25 PM ET Aug. 05, 2022 PUBLISHED 9:45 AM ET Aug. 05, 2022

ZANESVILLE, Ohio —  When you have a long family history in the ice cream-making and restaurant industries like Joe Baker, you know where your destiny lies. 

Joe Baker, Proud Owner and Ice Cream Maker at Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl

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Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream opens in Northwest Austin, TX.

George Dunlap, Serving the Ice Cream Retail industry since 1973. I had the pleasure to work with Mrs. Handel, back in the late 70’s, at her shop in Youngstown, OH. She served up some of the greatest naturally flavored ice cream around. Having had the pleasure to serve the on-going Handel’s company, I am not surprised to see them continue to grow throughout the USA. Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream serves great ice creams, try some today.

Popular Creamy Ice Cream Chain Opening in Northwest Austin

This will be the first Austin location of Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream by Erin Russell Aug 17, 2022, 10:02am CDT, from EATER Austin

Ice Cream from Handel’s.

Popular Ohio-based ice cream chain Handel’s is opening its first Austin shop in northwest Austin. It will open in the Plaza Volente shopping center at 11521 North Farm to Market Road 620, near Anderson Mill, sometime in October or November.

Handel’s is known for many flavors of ice cream, all of which are made on-site daily. Look for offerings like salty caramel truffle, cotton candy, and Graham Central Station (graham ice cream with a graham cracker ripple and chocolate crunchy bits). Handel’s serves ice cream in scoops and cones, as well as shakes, chocolate-covered pops, and Hurricanes (blended ice creams).

Handel’s opened in 1945 in Youngstown, Ohio, when Alice Handel started serving ice cream out of her husband’s gas station. It has expanded to over 70 stores in 10 states, including stores in the Dallas and Houston areas. Austin shop owner Chad Hughes hopes to open more locations around the city soon.


MID – AMERICA SHOW IN COLUMBUS, OH. Stoelting Ice Cream Machine by Barilla Refrigeration serving Perry’s Ice Cream soft ice cream mix. Stop by for a refreshing ice cream treat.

George Dunlap @ 614-378-8466

Looking forward to seeing you all in September in Columbus, OH.

P&S Trailers Designers of Airstream Ice Cream, Food, and more trailers.

My friends at P & S Trailers are the best at blending your marketing needs with one of the World’s Best Marketing icons; Airstream Trailers. If you are looking for an attention getting marketing package,contact, my good friend Kevin Ruth at P&S Trailers today.

With over 40 years in the Retail Ice Cream Industry I am proud to share with you those who are the best at their craft. Kevin and his team are the best at Airstream marketing food product trailers, ice cream trailers, or otherwise.

I am always at your service. You are always welcome to call me anytime.

George Dunlap 614-378-8466

What is your back-up plan? Rolling Black Outs headed our way.

If we have not learned anything since 2020 “The Year of COVID”, anything is possible.

What is your backup plan? According to the WSJ today, rolling BLACKOUTS are headed our way. I have advised my clients on alternative power generating choices. Have you ever calculated the cost of losing a walk-in freezer full of Ice Cream? Believe me you need to do the math $$.

Summer of 2022 – Rolling Blackouts – What is your Back-Up Plan ?

Further Delays….must be figured into future shipments into the USA. WSJ 5/6/2022

This article in today’s WSJ further supports the issue that I have been talking about. What I have called COVID-SHIPMENT-DELAYS are not clearing up soon. It continues to look like this mess will take several years to work out. Going back to NORMAL? Today is our Normal. We must all plan in accordance and continue to move forward. This article provides great insight into this world-wide issue. Start making plans today for 2023 inventory.

Increased congestion is a concern when export hubs such as Shanghai resume full shipments and companies look to build inventories

Export volumes from the Port of Shanghai have fallen by as much as 30% since March.Photo: Ding Ting/Xinhua/Zuma Press

By Costas ParisMay. 6, 2022 5:33 am ET

Western ports are bracing for increased congestion when China eventually lifts stringent Covid-19 restrictions in major cities, which could come just as many importers start to load up for the back-to-school and holiday shopping seasons.

Import gateways such as California’s Los Angeles and Long Beach ports, which handle more than a third of all containers coming into the U.S., are still inundated with uncollected cargo more than two years into the pandemic.

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TriMark Settlement

This just released last week. News for your review.

Cooking Up Trouble: Record $48.5 Million Settlement in Foodservice Equipment Government Contracting Fraud Case

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Improperly obtaining contracts that are meant for service-disabled, veteran-owned businesses—and concealing it—is not a recipe for success in government contracting.  The United States Department of Justice settled a case against a foodservice and restaurant equipment supplier.  Under the terms of the settlement, the contractor paid $48.5 million, the “largest-ever False Claims Act recovery based on allegations of small business fraud,” of which $21.6 million is restitution.  Additionally, a former executive who managed the foodservice company’s government contracts, was fined $100,000 as an individual civil penalty. The whistleblower was a company called Fox Unlimited Enterprises, LLP.  For reporting government contracting fraud, the relator received 22.5% of the settlement, just over $10.9 million.

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