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1973 my parents opened their ice cream store called Peppermint Patti's in Defiance, OH. We served soft ice cream/custard and hand scooped ice cream. During my years at Bowling Green State University (1973-1977) I worked in the store and traveled NW Ohio selling frozen ice cream novelties to grocery stores. After I graduated from BGSU in 1977, I traveled the Midwest USA selling Ice Cream machines, designing and bulding ice cream stores.

Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream – David Deadman, NICRA 2018 Convention Chair, Episode 15

Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream – David Deadman, NICRA 2018 Convention Chair, Episode 15


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2018 NICRA CONVENTION GUEST SPEAKER Brain Smith of Ample Hills Creamery, Brooklyn, NY


Eric’s Ice Cream Factory – Loading BDC8 C Nelson Cart with a Warn Winch on Discount Ramps

Eric’s Ice Cream Factory – Loading BDC8 C Nelson Cart with a Warn Winch on Discount Ramps

Many of my customers ask me, “How can I transport my cart without using a trailer”?  Check out my good friend Eric Gerber, owner of,, Eric’s Ice Cream.  This is how Eric does it.

Our 6 Favorite Ice Cream Pints of All Time – rachael ray every day mag

So many and yet so little time to taste….them all.

Our 6 Favorite Ice Cream Pints of All Time

Looking for your new go-to flavor? Try one of these faves, picked by Rachael Ray Every Day editors. Warning: you might not wanna share.

Ben & Jerry’s Peanut Butter Fudge Core

ben jerrys peanut-butter fudge core

Photo courtesy of Ben & Jerry’s

“It’s pure, unadulterated gluttony, like if a peanut butter cup exploded inside the pint.” —Christina Izzo, features editor 

Buy it on Amazon

Graeter’s Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip

graeters black raspberry chocolate chip

Photo courtesy of Graeter’s

“A signature flavor from this Ohio company that deserves all the hype. Bonus: It’s purple!” —Charles Grayauskie, test kitchen associate

Buy it on Amazon

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams Brambleberry Crisp

jenis splendid ice creams brambleberry crisp

Photo Courtesy of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream

“Imagine a blackberry and currant crisp à la mode. Now flip the proportions.” —Geraldine Campbell, executive editor

Buy it at

McConnell’s Eureka Lemon & Marionberries

mcconnells eureka lemon marionberries

Photo Courtesy of McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams

“This pint is so popular, they made a dairy-free version— and it’s also pretty darn delicious.” —Alexa Weibel, senior food editor

Buy it at

Ample Hills Creamery Peppermint Pattie

ample hills creamery peppermint pattie

Photography by Peter Ardito

“Super minty with hunks of candy. This is mint-chip living its best life!” —Nina Elder, executive food editor

Buy it at

Salt & Straw Strawberry Honey Balsamic with Black Pepper

salt straw strawberry honey balsamic black pepper

National Ice Cream Retailers Association – Steve Christensen, Executive Director, Episode 14

National Ice Cream Retailers Association – Steve Christensen, Executive Director

Just last week, I caught up with my good friend Steve Christensen and we talked about the retail ice cream industry.  He talked about his life journey and business experiences that have helped him prepare for his new job as the ( August 2018) Executive Director of the National Ice Cream Retailers Association (NICRA).  Steve talks about the history and people that have made NICRA a wonderful group to be part of.

Steve and I talked about how  NICRA is the best resource for new operators just getting started in our industry.  Where else can you sit down with a Carl Chaney of Chaney’s Dairy Barn or David Deadman of Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream and talk about how to get started in the ice cream industry.  As Steve said, Carl and David are just 2 examples of the wonderfully successful operators in NICRA that are available to help new shop owners.

Show Notes:



ICE Cream Alliance of UK

Brian Smith w/Ample Hills Creamery, Keynote Speaker @ 2018 NICRA Convention



Clementine’s Naughty & Nice Creamery by Tamara Keefe – Episode 13

Clementine’s Naughty & Nice Creamery

Clementine’s Naughty & Nice Creamery, owner, Tamara Keefe and I talk about how she started in the small batch, handcrafted, ice cream industry and how she is growing her brand.

 Tamara  has some great suggestions for those soon to be shop owners about social media, budgeting, and what it takes to open you first store.


Inside Clementine’s with (2) C. Nelson Mfg., Co Curved Glass/HIV ice cream dipping cabinets


Clementine’s Store #2

NICRA Join today!

NICRA, National Ice Cream Retailers Association

Hudsonville Ice Cream reveals new blueberry doughnut flavor


Hudsonville Ice Cream reveals new blueberry doughnut flavor

Bowerman's Blueberry Donut pairs Hudsonville Ice Cream's traditional vanilla ice cream with a Michigan blueberry swirl and chunks of blueberry doughnut straight from Bowerman Blueberries in Holland.

Bowerman’s Blueberry Donut pairs Hudsonville Ice Cream’s traditional vanilla ice cream with a Michigan blueberry swirl and chunks of blueberry doughnut straight from Bowerman Blueberries in Holland.  (Courtesy Photo | Hu)


HOLLAND, MI – Hudsonville Ice Cream has unveiled the first Michigan Artisan Collection flavor.

The family-owned, Holland-based creamery introduced Bowerman’s Blueberry Donut on Monday, July 23. The small batch flavor pairs Hudsonville Ice Cream’s traditional vanilla ice cream with a Michigan blueberry swirl and chunks of blueberry donut straight from Bowerman Blueberries in Holland.

The flavor fits with the series’ goal of creating ice cream representative of the best parts of Michigan, with ingredients sourced from local artisans. Michigan is one of the nation’s leading blueberry producers, with 100 million pounds of blueberries grown each year.

“Bowerman’s Blueberry Donut was an immediate favorite in our testing process,” said Morgan Craig, flavor development scientist with Hudsonville Ice Cream.

“Not only did the blueberry donut pieces pop when mixed with our ice cream, but we’re tapping into a flavor strongly associated with Michigan. Bowerman Blueberries has been an amazing partner through this creation process, and we can’t wait for our fans to taste this genuinely good flavor for themselves.”

The Bowerman’s Blueberry Donut flavor will be available on Tuesday, July 24, when Hudsonville Ice Cream hosts a birthday celebration for the City of Detroit. The event will run from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in Cadillac Square

Additionally, the Bowerman’s Blueberry Donut flavor will be available in limited quantities at select scoop shops across the state, beginning the week of July 30. Bowerman’s Blueberry Donut by Hudsonville Ice Cream is expected to sell out quickly. A complete listing of shops is below.

The Michigan Artisan Collection will feature three flavors, with the other two flavors set to be announced this year.

“Our family has been growing blueberries in West Michigan since 1954, so we have a long history of delivering local flavors to residents and visitors to the Holland area,” said Kassie Grasmanis of Bowerman Blueberries and granddaughter of the founders.

“We were thrilled when Hudsonville Ice Cream reached out to us for a potential partnership and we are so pleased to see this flavor come to life for people across the state to enjoy.”

Hudsonville has made a habit of creating Michigan themed flavors. All-season favorites include Mackinac Island Fudge and Traverse City Cherry Fudge, as well as a Vernors-infused Detroit-flavor called Comeback Cooler.  

Where to find Bowerman’s Blueberry Donut:

  • Banana Boat, 3721 Corunna Rd, Flint, 48532
  • Captain Sundae–Holland North, 365 Douglas Ave., Holland, 49424
  • Captain Sundae–Holland South, 247 W 40th St., Holland, 49423
  • Carie’s Caboose, 287 E. State St., Montrose, 48457
  • Cosmic Candy Co., 168 S. Hancock, Pentwater, 49449
  • Frosty Boy of Cascade, 6886 Cascade Rd. SE Grand Rapids, 49546
  • Frosty Boy Kalamazoo, 5030 Gull Rd., Kalamazoo, 49048
  • Jaami’s Ice Cream & Treats, 592 Cass St, Frankenmuth, 48734
  • Jersey Junction, 651 Croswell Ave. SE, East Grand Rapids, 49506
  • Mootown Ice Cream & Dessert Shoppe, 2461 Russell St., Detroit, 48207
  • Norm’s Ice Cream Shop, 350 N 3rd Ave., Fruitport, 49415
  • Norm’s Ice Cream Shop North Muskegon, 80 N. Causeway Rd., North Muskegon, 49445
  • Ottawa Beach General Store, 2256 Ottawa Beach Rd, Holland, 49424
  • Sadie’s Ice Cream Parlor, Grand Hotel, 1891 Cadotte Ave, Mackinac Island, 49757
  • The Parlour of Jackson, 1401 Daniel Rd., Jackson, 49202
  • The Sweet Tooth of Marine City, 312 S. Water St., Marine City, 48039

Airstream – Food Trailer & Ice Cream Trailer Choices

P&S: The Making of a Food Truck

So, how many of you have come out to Jep’s Southern Roots so far?? (If you’re in Austin, you better have!!) For those of you who haven’t visited, you’re missing out, BIG.

Now let me tell you a lil story about how this grub stop got cookin’.

When Jess and I first had our idea of starting a food truck, we didn’t know just what we were getting in to. We knew we had a great idea, but we didn’t know where to start. That’s when Jess found P&S Trailer Service.

P&S Trailer Service has a great story. It all starts with the Ruth family. The Ruth family has lived on the same farm in Ohio for 5 generations (that’s a long time!!) and have been tilling the land for more than 100 years. Then, in 1968, patriarch Paul Ruth bought a 1964 Airstream Overlander in much need of repair. When visiting the Airstream Service Center in Ohio with his son Steve, Paul asked if there was any interest in an Airstream refinishing business. He was met with much encouragement and enthusiasm and got busy. At first, Paul only worked on the Airstreams part-time during the winter, but in 1970, P&S went full force.

jep's southern roots food truck airstream trailer by p&s trailer service

Fast forward nearly 50 years (whoa, right!) to when the Ruths met the Robertsons. We loved the idea of a vintage trailer for the truck, and P&S, which now specializes in food trucks, was definitely the way to go. We got in touch and put the project into motion. Jess and our pal Brian Purser got to work on design and the needed fixin’s. Brian and Jess teamed up with Kevin, Paul Ruth’s grandson, on the project, and P&S took it from there.

jep's southern roots food truck airstream trailer by p&s trailer service

jep's southern roots food truck airstream trailer by p&s trailer service

jep's southern roots food truck airstream trailer by p&s trailer service

P&S worked some heavy magic to make our dreams a reality, and I mean heavy magic. Kitchen appliances are not made of air, so the pure labor, strength, and engineering prowess needed in making Jep’s Southern Roots made for no easy task. Seriously, gutting and rebuilding a vintage Airstream? That’s called w-o-r-k. But, Kevin and his team were up for the job. They outfitted the trailer beautifully with ovens and refrigerators, cooktops and grills, all the while souping up the exterior with new rims and a fresh polish. What we started with was a 1973 27 Airstream and what we ended with was the best food truck in Austin. We owe it all to Kevin and P&S Trailer Service.

jep's southern roots food truck airstream trailer by p&s trailer service

jep's southern roots food truck airstream trailer by p&s trailer service

jep's southern roots food truck airstream trailer by p&s trailer service

So, if y’all are looking to start your own food truck (do it!!), or if you just happen upon an old Airstream that needs a stellar refurbish, you got to call the guys at P&S. No ifs or buts, they’ll hook you up and make your dreams reality.

jep's southern roots food truck airstream trailer by p&s trailer service

jep's southern roots food truck airstream trailer by p&s trailer service

Ohio’s Homemade Ice Cream

Ohio’s Homemade Ice Cream

Homemade Ice Cream Scoops

This would be about the most perfect way to spend a weekend in Ohio. Road trip.. to any or all of these Ohio’s Homemade Ice Cream shops.  These are just a sampling of what Ohio has to offer!

So you ask…which is the best ice cream? I must be honest with you….I am still searching.  The choices below are some of the best ice creams in Ohio and across the USA.  Enjoy this great article written by Anietra Hamper.

George Dunlap

The Inside Scoop: Ohio’s Homemade Ice Cream

Ohio has deep roots in the dairy industry so it is no surprise that the state produces stellar ice cream. Some of the most famous commercial brands like Graeter’s Ice Cream and Velvet Ice Cream are Ohio-made and each August at the Ohio State Fair some of the best and biggest Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate ice cream cones are served up in Dairy Products Building. A number of Ohio-made ice cream establishments are dotted throughout the state. While July 16th marks national ice cream day, a road trip for a superior dip does not require a special occasion.

Young’s Jersey Dairy (Yellow Springs)

After a day of hiking in Yellow Springs, I always stop at Young’s Jersey Dairy for a large scoop of homemade ice cream in a cone. It is the kind of experience that requires catching the first drips quickly due to the size of the scoop. I take advantage of the park-like setting with picnic tables outside to relax and enjoy the moment. Young’s ice cream is made in small batches right on the premises. While Vanilla, Mint Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Peanut Butter are the top selling flavors, the selection changes every month so there is always something new to try.

Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl (Zanesville)

If you ask around for the best homemade ice cream in the state, Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl will come up in conversation. The parlor, that still has many original features is a Zanesville tradition since 1948. There is a reason the word “bowl” is in the name. They serve up overflowing scoops of ice cream that your mother would scold you for dipping at home. The nuts for ice cream are roasted daily and the shop sells old fashioned candy and chocolates. Part of Tom’s appeal is the old-fashioned nostalgia that you feel when you walk through the door. One of the most popular treats is the banana split that is big enough to share.

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams (Columbus)

I remember years ago going to Columbus’ North Market on Saturday mornings with my mom and walking out with an ice cream treat from the small stall where Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams got its start. Unique flavors like Juniper & Lemon Curd, Genmaicha & Marshmallows or Middle West Whiskey & Pecans promise a flavor combo like you’ve never experienced and that is part of the fun of Jeni’s. Jeni’s has obtained a cult following as much for the unique ice cream flavors as for the way the company sources ingredients like milk from Ohio farms and chocolate and vanilla from small organic farms. Jeni’s has expanded nationwide and there are usually lines out the door for the Ohio homemade ice cream.

Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream  (Youngstown)

When you bite into an ice cream flavor like s’mores you already know the taste to expect, but with Handel’s ice cream you actually get a s’more. Chunks of chocolate and crunchy graham crackers with bites of tiny marshmallows. The flavor is decadent which is why Handel’s has expanded from its Youngstown roots, opening in 1945, to 24 Ohio locations and stores in seven other states. They continue to use old family recipes that originally called for actual ingredients that Mrs. Handel had around the house like fruit from her garden or ingredients in the pantry.

Johnson’s Real Ice Cream (Bexley & Dublin)

The only thing more difficult than selecting a flavor of homemade ice cream at Johnson’s is choosing what to do with it. With a full menu covering a scoop of ice cream in a bowl to spritzers, shakes, floats, and sundaes you need to make several trips just to try some of the unique offerings. I went with the mint chocolate chip shake. It was thick and flavorful. It is no wonder that Johnson’s Real Ice Cream has remained a Central Ohio staple for more than 67 years. The fourth-generation family business that opened its doors in 1950 still makes all of its homemade product in Bexley but distributes its memorable taste to more than 300 restaurants. I am already planning my next visit there this summer.

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Eye Catching Graphics; tells the story – Ice Cream is sold here

Eye Catching Graphics tells the story 

Ice Cream is sold (your shop) here!

Promote your brand with in-store or out-of-store Ice Cream Banners. Designed by George Dunlap @ C. Nelson Mfg., Co. Oak Harbor, Ohio, USA.

Attention to detail by C. Nelson Mfg., CO. Graphics draw your attention. Designed by George Dunlap @ C. Nelson Mfg., Co. Oak Harbor, Ohio, USA.

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