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Jeni’s Ice Creams & April 8 2024 Total Solar Eclipse

Jeni’s Is Launching 4 Intergalactic Ice Cream Flavors Just in Time for the Solar Eclipse

Ready, set, shop: The Punk Stargonaut collection will go on sale at noon on March 28.

By Stacey Leasca, Food&Wine – Updated on March 18, 2024

GEORGE DUNLAP, 3/19/2024: Soft Serve and Hand Scoop Ice Cream, all can be flavored for this Total Eclipse, call me today and lets have some fun. 614-378-8466

What are you doing to take advantage to the Greatest Marketing event in the last many years? Are you making and special flavor, unique scoop of ice cream, or and awesome tasty milk shake? April 8, 2024 Total Solar Eclipse is about to happen. ARE YOU READY?

On April 8, 2024, a very lucky section of the United States will experience a total solar eclipse. While you’ll surely want to look up (with your solar eclipse glasses on for safety, naturally) to see the celestial event, Jeni’s is hoping you’ll look down to scoop out a bit of its solar eclipse-themed ice cream, too. 

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Homemade Salted Caramel Ice Cream – Bi-Rite Creamery

Looking to set your self apart from the competition? Even soft-serve shops can do this, yes mix into your quality ice cream mix and run through your soft-serve machine. Bi-Rite stands apart from the rest.

Homemade Salted Caramel by Bi-Rite Creamery of San Francisco, CA

Call today and let’s make great ice cream flavors together!

Soft Serve or Hard Scooped Ice Cream, which do I sell – the trend is to offer both, 2 unique and different markets that you can satisfy.

There was a time that if you wanted a Scooped Ice Cream cone you went to the local hand dipped ice cream shop, if you wanted soft serve you went to the local Dairy Bar. Today selling both Hard and Soft Ice Cream at the same shop continues to grow. Why? Because it is the answer to serving your customer’s wants. Can a shop survive selling only 1 style Ice Cream, Yes. But the growing trend is to blend both into the shop menu.

Charlotte’s Soft Serve Ice Cream shop, is a example of this move to selling both. Why? Because her customers wanted both. How hard is it to add 8 or more flavors of scooped ice cream? It is easy, contact your local Ice Cream Supplier – Dairy. In Charlotte’s case she added Perry’s Ice Cream. This becomes a profitable partnership between you the shop owner and your ice cream supplier.

Hard Ice Cream options for Charlotte’s Soft Serve Ice Cream by Perry’s Ice Cream

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Call GEORGE DUNLAP TODAY, If I may be of assistance regarding this exciting addition to your Menu $.

Happy New Year 2022 – Soft Serve Ice Cream or Hard Ice Cream, Episode 20

Welcome to 2022 the season has started and we are embracing a new season; increased costs and exciting time to be selling both Hard Ice Cream and Soft Ice Cream, today’s conversation is do i sell both?

Enjoy these below articles on the differences of Soft Serve and Hard Ice Cream.

The Real Difference Between Soft Serve Ice Cream And Regular Ice Cream


A Look at the Differences Between Soft Serve and Hard Ice Cream

Soft Serve Vs. Hard Serve Ice Cream, CBS Pittsburgh

Soft Serve, our shops do this everyday! on a Sugar Cone.

Soft serve inspires Blue Bunny’s new Twist Cones, as published in Dairy Processing Magazine, by Benton Smith, 04/04/2022.

Soft serve inspires Blue Bunny’s new Twist Cones

My customers do this everyday in their Soft Ice Cream shops: making Home-Made treats. We welcome Blue Bunny to this market segment. George Dunlap, 4/7/2022

Blue Bunny Twist Cones soft serve Chocolate Vanilla Strawberry Cheesecake Chocolate Peanut Butter
Photo: Blue Bunny

04.04.2022 By Benton Smith

CHICAGO – While concocting its newest frozen desserts, Blue Bunny aimed to bring the soft serve ice cream experience to customers’ freezers.

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Soft-serve ice cream now available in bold new flavors – NY Daily News

Soft-serve ice cream now available in bold new flavors

Keep it movin’, Mister Softee.This summer, soft-serve ice cream options in New York are anything but vanilla.Think intense, complex flavors like burrata cheese, gianduja chocolate, strawberry jalapeño and horchata.“I really love the texture of soft-serve, but I always wished it had more flavor,” says Cronut king Dominique Ansel, who last week launched an ice cream window at his West Village dessert shop Dominique Ansel Kitchen.“Most soft serve is made with a mix or powder, but I wanted to use fresh ingredients — simple, quality flavors that we all love,” he adds.

Here’s the scoop on five new irresistible soft-serve flavors

Dominique Ansel Kitchen –  #Burrata and #giandujacones

Northern Tiger inside Hudson Eats  – #TheMagicChocolateShell

El Vez Burrito – #Horchatasundae

Alchemy Creamery – #Strawberry-Jalapeño

Nicoletta – #KeyLimePieSundae


Source: Soft-serve ice cream now available in bold new flavors – NY Daily News

Milk Bar Adds New Soft Serve Ice Cream and Shakes to the Menu | The Daily Meal


#MilkBar adds new soft serve ice cream

and shakes to Menu

Source: Milk Bar Adds New Soft Serve Ice Cream and Shakes to the Menu | The Daily Meal

There really is more to life than vanilla, chocolate…and strawberry milk shakes.  Check out this article by Joanna Fontozzi.

Call me today and let’s get started with expanding your milk shake menu!