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Ample Hills ice cream: price, flavors, review – Business Insider

Business Insider – Kaitlin Hatton

Ample Hills Creamery has become a favorite among New York City-based ice cream aficionados thanks in part to its rich tastes and zany flavors.The local chain was born in Brooklyn in the spring of 2011 to budding entrepreneurs Brian Smith and Jackie Cuscana. The couple began creating ice cream and baked goods from scratch, spending hours a day churning out their original flavors. Ample Hills has grown rapidly, expanding to nine locations in New York City, one in Disney World and now, a new store coming to New Jersey. Smith said he has big plans for the future, including growing the business to be on the level of Starbucks or Ben & Jerry’s. He told Bloomberg that he plans to complete a Series A funding round this fall, and is hoping to raise $8 million. Plans for a massive ice cream factory are also in the works.”We want our brick-and-mortar shops to be community hubs in the way that [Starbucks executive chairman] Howard Schultz transformed the idea of coffee shops into a destination. Where people go to pass the time … we want to do that with ice cream,” he said. I was curious to see if Ample Hills Creamery would live up to the hype, so I visited two locations within New York City.

Another wonderful customer of C. Nelson Mfg., CO., Oak Harbor, Ohio, USA.

Source: Ample Hills ice cream: price, flavors, review – Business Insider

Year in review Taylor Distributors of Indiana

George Dunlap and C. Nelson working with Taylor Freezers. George Dunlap with C. Nelson put on several ice cream novelty, how to make, seminars for the customers of Taylor Distributors. Several area suppliers, Instantwhip, Byrne & Associates, Flavor Burst, and others, worked with customers from all over Indiana, showing off their new products.

If you or your company needs Training Programs for your sales seminars or spring open houses, feel free to contact George Dunlap @ 614-378-8466.

Smart TV Graphics C. Nelson Ice Cream Carts

Smart TV Graphics, Menu Board, introduced by C. Nelson Mfg., Co high advisability awareness in malls and high customer traffic locations.

Smart TV’s allow your operator to serve the customer while the Smart TV presents your mouth watering treats. Sell to the customer’s eyes and increase your Gross Sales $$.



Contact C. Nelson Mfg., CO today for a no-charge review of your off-site mobile catering sales.  Hear how our customers are selling more treats with their new graphics.

Taylor Freezer of Michigan 2015 Open House

Taylor Freezer of Michigan swings the doors open today and tomorrow for the, Traverse City, 2015 spring product open house weekend.  Stop and see their many new ice cream products and the C. Nelson line of ice cream dipping cabinets.

Ice Cream dipping cabinets by C Nelson

Ice Cream dipping cabinets by C Nelson

 Taylor also will be displaying the great ice cream flavors of Ashby’ and their 2015 new flavors.

Ashby ice cream displayed in the C. Nelson 16diphv.

C Nelson 16dipHV

C Nelson 16dipHV

Your C. Nelson ice cream cabinet stocking distributor in Michigan.

Mitchell’s Homemade Ice Cream new kitchen and shop, Ohio City, Ohio

Ice Cream Flavorrail, Sliding Lids or Flip Lids, as shown by Kelley Smith President, C Nelson Mfg Co

C Nelson Mfg., Co builds 2 styles of flavorrails.

Flavorrails were used years ago for making sundaes, milk shakes, and other soda fountain concoctions.  Today because of the growth of smoothies and blizzard type mix-in blended products, the C. Nelson cabinet is now used as, a prep-cabinet, a freezer work-station.  A freezer-scoop/work-station for all your frozen/chilled supplies to make your great tasting smoothies, cappuccino’s, milk shakes, and blizzards.

BDF8, C. Nelson Ice Cream Flavorrail

BDF8, C. Nelson Ice Cream Flavorrail

The BDF8 is the more traditional flip lid flavor rail which has the heavier duty insulated flip lids along with a well-insulated jar rail.  Remember all rails are designed to only hold non-food/spoil-able products (NOT dressings, etc).  Chocolate, caramel, peanut butter and other toppings hold just fine.

BD-10-JR, Ice Cream dipping and flavorrail cabinet by C. Nelson Mfg., Co.

BD-10-JR, Ice Cream dipping and flavorrail cabinet by C. Nelson Mfg., Co.

The sliding lid new style flavorrail, BD-X-JR, is designed for those individual and chain shops that need to have a clean work-area/counter space for making smoothies, shakes, and blizzards, and other blended type treats.  The sliding lids allow easy access to your ice cream products in the freezer; while adding blend-in toppings, and, then mixing each order, in the same floor space.  Mixers and Blenders can be easily installed on the back shelf of the BD-X-JR cabinet.  Hand sinks, 3 hole sinks, and dipper-wells can be added to either side of the cabinet for your sanitation needs.

In the below video Kelley Smith, President, C. Nelson Mfg., Company, expands on the differences between the sliding lid freezer vs. the flip lip freezer.  He also points out the benefits and features of the C. Nelson cabinet vs. his competition.  You can tell Kelley is proud of what his  team builds in Oak Harbor, Ohio, USA.


For details please contact George Dunlap at 614-378-8466 or George@GeorgeDunlap.com



Gelato and Ice Cream in the same dipping case, New by C. Nelson Mfg.

Ever since when the Italians introduced Gelato to the US market it has been a hit in most major cities across the USA.  Gelato has not hit the rural market as well. Finally from C. Nelson there is a ice cream dipping cabinet that will serve up both types of cool creamy treats in one dipping cabinet.  This split style cabinet is great for those operators who want to introduce Gelato to their customers but do not want to invest in a full blown Gelato cabinet.  They are very costly and hard to work with.

C. Nelson introduces the split Gelato & Ice Cream dipping cabinet, 8dip-hv serving Gelato & Ice Cream.  The 8dip-hv is setup to display 6, 4-liter pans, and 4 3-gallon ice cream tubs.  Now that is a great bargain for an operator who wants to sell both quality gelato and ice creams.

The C. Nelson 8 dip-hv cabinet is easy to operate and maintain and his very simple to keep clean.  The inside of the cabinet is constructed with easy to clean stainless-steel side walls, digital temp control, led lighting, and the always seamed and wielded corners.  The C. Nelson also features a steel frame below the freezer box keeping it structurally solid for years of maintenance free operation.  Call C. Nelson today for a quote.

This review by George Dunlap, George@GeorgeDunlap.com , 614-378-8466