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Kari Seher, founder, of Melt Ice Creams – Customer Spotlight.

Melt Ice Cream Push Cart
Melt Ice Creams Dip Cabinet, BD series by C. Nelson.

During my years at C. Nelson Mfg., Co. I had the pleasure to talk and meet with many great ice cream shop operators across the World. Kari Seher of Melt Ice Creams, was one of the most exciting and driven young ladies I have talked to. If you have time and desire to learn Kari Seher’s story; it is exciting. 4/19/2022

MELT ICE CREAMS – Ice Cream Truck
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Mobile Ice Cream & Popsicle Carts for those long days without electric power

Ice Cream & Popsicle Push Cart choices with 8-12 hours no electric operation needed.

Call today and see how we can help you with off-the-grid mobile sales.


Call me today and see how C. Nelson can help you design a mobile novelty sales program.


Smart TV Graphics C. Nelson Ice Cream Carts

Smart TV Graphics, Menu Board, introduced by C. Nelson Mfg., Co high advisability awareness in malls and high customer traffic locations.

Smart TV’s allow your operator to serve the customer while the Smart TV presents your mouth watering treats. Sell to the customer’s eyes and increase your Gross Sales $$.



Contact C. Nelson Mfg., CO today for a no-charge review of your off-site mobile catering sales.  Hear how our customers are selling more treats with their new graphics.

Italian Ice Carts by C Nelson Mfg., CO.

#ItalianIceCarts by C Nelson Mfg., Co.

My friends at C Nelson are loving this HOT WEATHER; lots of their customers are ordering their Italian Ice carts for the season.  The carts below are the CLT6NR model and are very easy to sell from and they last forever.  The CLT6NR is a non-refrigerated cart that gives the customer a low cost of entry-level-cart to start with.  If interested contact me today.


Italian Ice Carts

C Nelson CLT6NR

Italian Ice Cart CLT6NR