Kari Seher, founder, of Melt Ice Creams – Customer Spotlight.

Melt Ice Cream Push Cart
Melt Ice Creams Dip Cabinet, BD series by C. Nelson.

During my years at C. Nelson Mfg., Co. I had the pleasure to talk and meet with many great ice cream shop operators across the World. Kari Seher of Melt Ice Creams, was one of the most exciting and driven young ladies I have talked to. If you have time and desire to learn Kari Seher’s story; it is exciting. 4/19/2022

MELT ICE CREAMS – Ice Cream Truck

Kari on: Stories with Soul presents Kari Crowe Seher, founder of MELT Ice Creams

FWBP Staff November 5, 2021 🕐 1 min read

Jimmy Williams, Jamey Ice, Kari Crowe Seher. (6th Ave Storytelling)

Fort Worth marketing marvels Jamey Ice and Jimmy Williams know there’s a story behind every great business and they launched their Stories with Soul podcast to dive into the wins, lessons, and secrets behind the success of heavy hitting leaders, entrepreneurs, and artists in the community. In this episode, Jamey and Jimmy interview their neighbor and MELT Ice Creams founder Kari Crowe Seher, who reveals how traveling helped her realize that Fort Worth had a shortage of good local ice cream and how she sold her photography equipment to fund MELT’s first location while her husband Mark left his corporate job to help MELT grow.

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