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Takin’ It to the Streets, Graeter’s Ice Cream Truck Tour – Eric’s from Ice Cream Push Cart to Ice Cream Truck

Going mobile expands your brand into new markets and growth sales.  C. Nelson has the equipment to keep your ice creams, custards, yogurts, and water ices cold for that great taste experience.

Just like the folks at Graeter’s,      Eric’s out of Defiance, Oh with 5 shops in northwest Ohio takes his truck,

Eric’s Setting up for a Football Game @ BGSU.

Inside Eric’s Ice Cream Scoop Truck

………………. designed by C. Nelson Mfg., Co., to the streets to grow his brand awareness and expand his yearly sales.  Small or large, takin’ it to the streets is in your budget. Mobile truck or cart C. Nelson can satisfy our marketing budget today.

Eric started with a very budget minded mobile C. Nelson BDC8 push cart and built his sales to the point he needed a larger vehicle.  The Ice Cream Scoop Truck as, Eric calls it, was built to promote his handcrafted ice cream.

Like Graeter’s, Eric uses his mobile ice cream scooper truck to promote his brand by selling great tasting hand crafted ice cream and offering customer appreciation programs for local businesses in northwest Ohio.

C. Nelson sells cabinets that will hold your handcrafted ice creams for the better part of a day with-out power.  Cold Plate technology allows the operator to travel to all types of events; county fairs, camp grounds, ball parks, grocery store promotions and more.

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Ice cream countdown: Ludington prepared and ready for world record attempt |

Ludington is less than an hour away from its unprecedented attempt to break the Guinness World Record for longest ice cream dessert.

Source: Ice cream countdown: Ludington prepared and ready for world record attempt |

Eric’s Mobile Ice Cream Truck

Eric’s Ice Cream, Bowling Green, Ohio is about to open their new Bowling Green, Ohio shop this spring, but, first Eric is working the spring sport events with his new 2014 mobile ice cream scoop truck.  This truck was designed and equipped by George Dunlap and the team at C. Nelson Mfg., Co, Oak Harbor, Ohio, USA.10697240_819931008056867_2994499616039566161_o

Eric wanted an ice cream mobile truck that would allow him to serve up his many flavors of his Handcrafted Homemade Eric’s Ice Cream from his local plants in Defiance and Bowling Green, OH.  The truck is designed to offer, scoops, sundae’s, shakes and other blended ice cream drinks.  Eric’s truck allows him to “take it to the streets”.  Call today and see how you can “take it to the streets” with C. Nelson.

Eric’s mobile ice cream truck allows him to start selling into his market, promote his brand, and generate excitement for the soon to open new Eric’s Ice Cream shop in Bowling Green, Ohio, USA.

Bowling Green Spring Soccer Challenge 2014

Bowling Green Spring Soccer Challenge 2014



Have a great day!

George Dunlap

Ice Cream Sandwiches with Oreo Wafers

C. Nelson mobile sampling ice cream scoop carts at Costco, by Graeter’s Ice Cream

Graeter’s Ice Cream, Cincinnati, Ohio, knows how to promote their brand, they get up early and get in front of 1000’s of Costco, Columbus, Ohio, shoppers and sample their ice creams. Graeter’s is not waiting around for customers to come to them.  In today’s business environment the hard working early bird does get the customer.

Graeter's sampling at Costco, Columbus (Polaris Mall), Ohio location

Graeter’s sampling at Costco, Columbus (Polaris Mall), Ohio location

Graeter’s is using a cart by C. Nelson Mfg., Co  model BD4-CE-02.  The BD4-CE-02 is one of 100’s of choices available from C. Nelson Mfg., Co. Oak Harbor, Ohio, USA.  C. Nelson partners with many quality ice cream companies around the world, who want to grow their ice cream sales, in both the retail ice cream scoop store market and retail grocery market.  Graeter’s is one such operation and their successful retail shops support their retail grocery sales.

Contact George Dunlap at C. Nelson today and see what we can offer you to grow your ice cream sales.


C. Nelson, model BD4-CE-02, Ice Cream scooping cart



Model BD4-CE-02 mobile ice cream scoop cart with dip well

 George Dunlap

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