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P&S Trailers Designers of Airstream Ice Cream, Food, and more trailers.

My friends at P & S Trailers are the best at blending your marketing needs with one of the World’s Best Marketing icons; Airstream Trailers. If you are looking for an attention getting marketing package,contact, my good friend Kevin Ruth at P&S Trailers today.

With over 40 years in the Retail Ice Cream Industry I am proud to share with you those who are the best at their craft. Kevin and his team are the best at Airstream marketing food product trailers, ice cream trailers, or otherwise.

I am always at your service. You are always welcome to call me anytime.

George Dunlap 614-378-8466


George Dunlap, Jan 1, 2021. May I introduce to you the finest ice cream graphics for your mobile and in-store C.Nelson Ice Cream cabinets.

Call today to get started on your custom designed ice cream scooping cart. Graphic design is a pleasure. George Dunlap @ 614-378-8466 or

Why use Logo’d Umbrella on your C Nelson Ice Cream Cart?

Any one operating a C Nelson Ice Cream Cart like below, with large crowds, needs to get the attention of the crowd, a Logo’d Umbrella tells the crowd who you are and what you are selling from way….ACROSS THE ROOM. George Dunlap, 12/15/2019

City of Lights event at The Chapel! So incredible . 3700 served and 2100 more to go!

Posted by Lisa J Sorrentino on Saturday, December 14, 2019
Anderson’s Custard, Buffalo, NY 2019 Cart
Ice Cream Carts by C. Nelson Mfg., Co.

Small, Ice Cream or Gelato, Cart with Cold Plates


BY: George Dunlap,  Great for small parties, easy for 1 person to transport, can be used to scoop or hold frozen treats.  Will work with Ice Cream, Yogurt, Gelato, and other great tasting treats. Let our graphics team add your Brand to our great cart!  Call today @ 614-378-8466.


Smart TV Graphics C. Nelson Ice Cream Carts

Smart TV Graphics, Menu Board, introduced by C. Nelson Mfg., Co high advisability awareness in malls and high customer traffic locations.

Smart TV’s allow your operator to serve the customer while the Smart TV presents your mouth watering treats. Sell to the customer’s eyes and increase your Gross Sales $$.



Contact C. Nelson Mfg., CO today for a no-charge review of your off-site mobile catering sales.  Hear how our customers are selling more treats with their new graphics.

Catering | Capannari Ice Cream & Catering


C Nelson BDC8 Ice Cream Catering Cart

Catering | Capannari Ice Cream & Catering

C Nelson BDC8 Ice Cream Catering Cart, push-cart

C Nelson BDC8 Ice Cream Catering Cart, push-cart

Let C. Nelson help you with your #IceCreamCatering needs today.

Bring the excitement of Capannari Ice Cream to your home or business. Just Order, Open & Eat… It’s fast. It’s easy. It’s Delicious!

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