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C. Nelson mobile sampling ice cream scoop carts at Costco, by Graeter’s Ice Cream

Graeter’s Ice Cream, Cincinnati, Ohio, knows how to promote their brand, they get up early and get in front of 1000’s of Costco, Columbus, Ohio, shoppers and sample their ice creams. Graeter’s is not waiting around for customers to come to them.  In today’s business environment the hard working early bird does get the customer.

Graeter's sampling at Costco, Columbus (Polaris Mall), Ohio location

Graeter’s sampling at Costco, Columbus (Polaris Mall), Ohio location

Graeter’s is using a cart by C. Nelson Mfg., Co  model BD4-CE-02.  The BD4-CE-02 is one of 100’s of choices available from C. Nelson Mfg., Co. Oak Harbor, Ohio, USA.  C. Nelson partners with many quality ice cream companies around the world, who want to grow their ice cream sales, in both the retail ice cream scoop store market and retail grocery market.  Graeter’s is one such operation and their successful retail shops support their retail grocery sales.

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C. Nelson, model BD4-CE-02, Ice Cream scooping cart



Model BD4-CE-02 mobile ice cream scoop cart with dip well

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