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#CONECON2021 NICRA 2021 Convention this November. Let’s Celebrate!

My wife, Nancy, and I are looking forward to a Celebration this November in Orlando, Fl at the 2021 NICRA Convention #CONECON2021. If you are new to the Ice Cream Retail industry please consider becoming a part of this large family of Ice Cream Retail Operators and Owners. A great organization; to share and learn new ideas about our wonder Industry.

Chaney’s Dairy Barn – Carl Chaney talks about the journey – Episode 12

I had the pleasure to meet Debra & Carl Chaney, the summer of 2003, before they opened their shop, I had the pleasure to work with the Chaney’s on their recipes and flavorings for their great tasting homemade ice creams.

This is the story as told by Carl Chaney,  “if you are welling to get up early and stay up late you too can enjoy the fruits of your hard work”.

This is a story about an American dream by a hard working family from Bowling Green, KY.

May I introduce to you Carl Chaney.

The Solar Eclipse at Chaney’s Dairy Barn


NICRA Join today!

NICRA, National Ice Cream Retailers Association


Episode #4, Interview with Bill Lodde @ Igloo Frozen Custard

Bill Lodde, with Igloo Frozen Custard, Lafayette, IN,  had a few minutes in-between show seminars, we are at the 2016 #NICRA Convention, to talk about his business and the NICRA 2016 Convention in Reno, NV.


  1. Ross/Stoelting Custard machines

2. Carpigiani 502 Batch Ice Cream Machine

3. Dipping cabinet by, C. Nelson Mfg. 12dip