ice cream Airstream trailer

Airstream Ice Cream trailer

Airstream Ice Cream Trailer, inside ready to finish

22 ft airstream (18 ft box)

Airstream Trailer entrance/door side

Airstream Front Back Side

Airstream Front Back Side










Selling ice cream or novelties is fun regardless where you are selling it; a little shop down the street or on the beach with a vending cart and umbrella.
But come on tell me you wouldn’t love to sell your product from such an American Icon?  You know you would.  I have designed and built mobile ice cream carts and
trailers for years but this, screams, look at me I sell good stuff, Airstream tells the world you are a quality product, the trailer gets their attention and
your product does the rest $$ .  No matter how good your product is you cannot sell it if you do not get your customer’s attention.
This trailer is a basic 22 foot trailer with an 18 foot aluminum shell.  This is just a basic shell and your equipment can be
designed to fit this Airstream Trailer.  Email me today and let’s get started.  Don’t let this one get away C Nelson Mfg., Co can make your dream
come true.
Contact me today and let’s get started!  George Dunlap, 614-378-8466, or,

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