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California soon to control; Fast-Food Hourly $ minimum wage and other benefits.

George Dunlap, 9/4/2022. Are you involved in your State Organization? This is coming East my friends, may I suggest you join your state and local organizations today and prepare for “them” controlling your business. Leaving your head in the sand is not the solution, prepare today, Government is looking to be your controlling partner.

California’s Fast-Food Bill Whopper

Sacramento finds a new way to put small business out of business.

By The Editorial BoardUpdated Sept. 2, 2022 6:49 pm ET

California is a leading exporter of progressive policy and businesses. So it’s worth paying attention to a bill heading to the Governor’s desk that would let the government fix fast-food worker wages and micromanage restaurants. Sayonara, McDonald’s dollar menu.

The bill passed by the Democratic Legislature this week creates a 10-member council appointed by the Governor and state legislative leaders with nearly carte blanche authority to fix wages, benefits and working conditions at most fast-food restaurants. This is a recipe for higher restaurant prices and lower business and job growth.Opinion: Potomac Watch

The state’s $15 an hour minimum wage is already among the highest in the U.S., but the council could raise it as high as $22 next year and an additional 3.5% every year after that. It could also require that employers provide paid vacation or “protest days” off as some tech companies do. A bill establishing a 32-hour work week stalled in the Legislature this year, but the council could impose one for fast-food workers. Its orders would take effect without even a rubber stamp by the Legislature. Democrats have delegated sweeping powers to avoid political accountability.

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