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What it takes to Open & Operate a new ice cream store…..lots of hard work and faith!

Eric Gerber has been planning this store for years, he searched for the right location, the right building, the best equipment package.  Eric stayed focused and keep looking for the right deal to come along and finally a year ago it did.  Working with Eric for the past 15 years designing his earlier stores, developing new products, and consulting on operational issues, has lead me to understand what he my customer wanted.  Eric’s Irresistible Ice Cream is about to open and this job is no different than what my many dealers deal with everyday.  I work well with industry suppliers because after 35 years in the food business I  understand what it takes to complete a store package.

Eric’s Defiance, OH, USA soon to open


The services I managed for Eric were; 1) equipment selection, 2) equipment layout, 3) ice cream homemade recipes, and 4) general pricing and product formulation.  Eric is a smart operator he knew what he wanted.

I was proud to place 2 C. Nelson 16DIP-HVdipping cabinets as  “focal point” pieces.

 16DIP-HV dipping cabinet

The Focal Point of the ice cream store operation.

These cabinets directed the customer’s eye to the center of the serving line and pulled them across the back wall menu board.  Eric designed his lighting around the LED cabinet lighting for a more dramatic retail experience.  Eric has brought an uptown feel to a rural market.  Eric said he wanted his customers to feel like they we getting their ice cream treats in Chicago, IL, New York, NY, or Columbus, OH.  Eric spent months researching his market and the markets of those successful operators in New York, Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati.  Eric has exceeded his desires, stop in and see what I mean, his store is beautiful! The ice cream…is fresh made and tastes great!