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Supply Chain – Why the Global Supply Chains May Never Be the Same….. WSJ

Back sometime… the first week, COVID hit our world, of March of 2020, I was working with Perry’s Ice Cream and the folks at Progressive (Cleveland, OH) Field. We were preparing for the start of the 2020 Baseball Season, and then the world shut-down.

The last thing Jenna Stierhoff, with Delaware Northwsj (Stadium Foodservice operator) said to me as we all started walking out; see you in 2 weeks.

Yes we all thought our world would go back to Normal soon. Nothing was further from the Truth. We may Never go back to those days. According to a new WSJ documentary…it may never return.

Our Supply Chain….has it changed forever………..

This documentary is worth the price and is an education in how we as small business owners must adapt to the our new environment. This week I celebrate my 67th birthday and I can tell you……the world is always changing. I embrace the change and look to serve my customers with the services they require.

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George Dunlap, March 23, 2023