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Review – 2017 Great Lakes Ice Cream & Fast Food Association (GLICFFA) 50th Annual Trade Show


 Review of the 50th Anniversary of the GLICFFA trade show in Lansing, MI February 3-4, 2017,


Just a few of the vendors from the 2017 GLICFFA Trade show.

Taylor Freezer of MI

Ashby’s Sterling

United Dairy Farmers

Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream

Hillson Nuts

CTL Foods

Hudsonville Ice Cream

Green Mountain Flavors

Guernsey Farm Dairy

Joy Cones

Lipari Foods

No Water Bath

Palazzolo’s Artisan Dairy

Great Lakes Ice Cream & Fast Food Association





Mike Rodemann with Hillson Nut Company talked Pecans at the Mid-America Restaurant Expo, Episode 10

From the show floor, at the Mid-America Restaurant Expo, I had a chance to talk with a good friend of mine Mike Rodemann, Vice President of Operations, The Hillson Nut Company, Cleveland, OH.  The Hillson Nut Company was an exhibitor at the the Mid-America trade show.  The trade show was designed around the Pizza, Ice Cream, Food Truck, Casual and Fine dinning businesses.  Mike and I talked about making special nut recipes for ice cream shops and how nuts really do enhance the flavor of ice cream. Mike also told me that ice cream owners should be aware of the current….. bubble in the pecan market.

Stay tuned for a great conversation with Mike Rodemann about how nuts…… make good ice creams….. taste great!


Mid-America Restaurant Expo

Peck Food Service

Instant whip Food