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Episode 22, Cold Plate Carts – How they Work

Ice Cream Scoop Mobile Cold Plate Truck – Designed by George Dunlap and the team at C. Nelson Mfg.

Cold plate carts are a must if you plan on going to outdoor events without electric power. Cold Plate carts by C. Nelson will last a long time once they are frozen. This Podcast explains how they work. Take a few minutes and listen. I am always at your service, call me anytime. George Dunlap

Ice Cream Mobile Carts as Kiosks in Mall Locations

When you are considering an ice cream cart by C. Nelson you first want to contact your local health department and find out what is needed in your local market.

Then we sit down and design a cart for your needs.

Then you will have an ice cream cart that is perfect for a kiosk.