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These 10 Ice Cream Shops In Iowa Are Sure To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Our Good Friends,Whiteys Ice Cream in Iowa City , ranked right up in the top rankings. See the (2) C. Nelson 16dip cabinets and the C. Nelson back-bar BD-10 ice cream chest.  We are proud to support many of the greatest ice creams in North America! C. Nelson (2) 16dip cabinets and (1) C. Nelson BD10 for ice creamIowa is home to the ice cream capitol of the world, so of course we have some of the best ice cream ever – and here are 10 of the best places to get your delicious Iowa ice cream!

Source: These 10 Ice Cream Shops In Iowa Are Sure To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Whitey’s Ice Cream & Yogurt, Moline, IL, a midwest tradtion since 1933

Monday, May 19, I started my day with a Whitey’s Vanilla Malt, how else to start the week? My travels begin……

About Whitey’s Ice Cream (taken directly from their website)

Their History
Whitey’s Ice Cream has been named “Best in the Midwest” according to the readers of Midwest Living Magazine.  Our history offers clear insight into the way we operate.

Whitey's Ice Cream Plant, 2525 41st Street, Moline, IL

Whitey’s Ice Cream Plant, 2525 41st Street, Moline, IL

Whitey’s Ice Cream was established on the corner of 16th Street and 23rd Avenue in Moline in 1933 by Chester “Whitey” Lindgren, who was so nicknamed because of his white-blonde hair.  In 1935, Whitey hired a fifteen year-old boy named Bob Tunberg, who worked for Whitey throughout high school and on and off for several years.  Whitey and Bob became close friends, and in 1953, Whitey offered to sell the business to Bob and his wife, Norma.

Bob and Norma made ice cream during the day, and they worked in the store selling their product at night.  As soon as sons, Jeff and Jon, were old enough, they joined the “family business,” picking up trash in the parking lot before they went to school each morning.  Working with and observing their father through the ensuing years gave them a strong sense of the value of hard work and great customer service.  Today, Jeff and Jon work side-by-side as Co-Owners of the company, and the title, President, remains open in honor of their father, “The Quad-Cities Favorite Ice Cream Man,” who passed away in 1991.

Whitey’s Ice Cream remained a one-store business until 1977, when a second store was opened on 41st Street in Moline, IL.  Gradually, the manufacturing facility and offices were relocated to this larger location.  This first step in Whitey’s Ice Cream growth had proven successful, and the Tunbergs didn’t wait another forty-four years before they opened another store.  In 1982, stores were opened in East Moline, IL and Rock Island, IL.  The Mississippi River was crossed in 1984, when a store was opened in Bettendorf, IA.  Since then, another store was opened in Moline, IL at Southpark Mall, three stores have been opened in Davenport, IA, including one at Northpark Mall, one store was opened in downtown Iowa City, IA and another was opened at Coral Ridge Mall in Coralville, IA.

In 1988, Whitey’s Ice Cream saw a dramatic change with the addition of a Wholesale Department and entrance into the grocery store market.  This allowed Whitey’s Ice Cream packaged ice cream to be purchased from many more outlets.  The Wholesale Department currently distributes to grocery stores and schools in a one hundred mile radius.  Furthermore, Whitey’s Ice Cream is now available to the entire country through on-line ordering.  Our ice cream can be sent anywhere in the continental United States via FedEx simply by accessing www.whiteysicecream.com.

Over the years, a number of innovations to the industry were born at Whitey’s Ice Cream, including high powered malt machines, which make extra thick shakes and malts that can be turned upside-down, candy bar shakes, Splenda® sweetened No Sugar Added ice cream and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, to name a few.

Whitey’s Ice Cream belongs to a number of organizations, including the International Dairy Foods Association and the National Federation of Independent Businesses.

The Tunbergs credit the success of Whitey’s Ice Cream to a quality product, a clean environment, fair prices and a knowledgeable, friendly staff.  At Whitey’s Ice Cream we strive to create a great experience for the customer from the moment he or she enters the parking lot until the very last bite is gone.  That is why our customers are so loyal and why, “When ice cream comes to mind, people come to Whitey’s.”

Whitey’s Ice Cream is committed to excellence in its field. We are dedicated to manufacturing and marketing superior quality ice cream and related products. The consumer is placed first in every decision. Whitey’s is determined to maintain integrity and an unfailing commitment to quality and value. We will operate our business in a manner consistent with our moral convictions and faith in Jesus Christ.

(Whitey’s, North Park Mall, showing off their recently purchased, 16dip ice cream dipping cabinets by C. Nelson Mfg., Co of Oak Harbor, OH)

Whitey's Ice Cream & Yogurt, North Park Mall, Davenport, IA

Whitey’s Ice Cream & Yogurt, North Park Mall, Davenport, IA

Friends at Whitey's Ice Cream & Yogurt, Jon Turnberg, Scott Larson, Dana Samsel (w/AAT SALES), and Jeff Turnberg

Friends at Whitey’s Ice Cream & Yogurt, Jon Turnberg, Scott Larson, Dana Samsel (w/AAT SALES), and Jeff Turnberg